People do drugs for many reasons. They’re trying to hide, they think its going to make pain go away (Mentally and Phsical), and then some people simply just like the feeling. Whatever the reason is drugs will always harm you and the people who are close to you.

So please read this:


Teen Depression

Teen depression is a very serious subject. It affects many people. The person who has depression and the family.
I don’t have depression. But I know many people who have it. It runs in my family and I have friends who have it. So I asked a friend if I could ask her questions so I could write this. Because I know you want to hear personal stories. My friend’s name is Naomi and here’s her story:

Naomi has had depression since she was in 4th grade but it got severe in the 6th grade. She started to lose interest in everything and every one. She was scared and alone, she didn’t know what to do. During her darkest moments she started to cut deep and ended up in a hospital. She said the only ways she goes through it was God, her sister, and medication.
She still goes though it.

Depression isn’t something you get over its something you learn to cope with and learn how to deal with. For anyone who has or thinks they have depression, tell someone and get as much help as you can with.



My Beginning

Hi! My name is Haleyann. I’m 15 and awkward. I’m a very socially awkward teen with problems like everyone. That’s why I’m starting this Blog. To help other people dealing with stuff. This is also a way to help me. This blog is going to help me by telling you guys about my story.
Thank you for reading this. I hope you stay  around and listen to my crazy story.